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Whether you need help telling your story or you need help telling your story, I'm with you 'til the last page.

Our Story Begins Here...

You Start the Dialogue

Send me a note introducing yourself. We'll chat via email or hop on an intro call to get to know one another and help me better understand your needs.

We Cross Some T's

If we're on the same page, we'll shake virtual hands and sign the contract. You'll also send the booking fee, and I'll block a slot for you in my schedule.

We Talk Numbers

After we chat about your project, I'll provide you with a quote, an estimated time to complete, and a tentative delivery date. 

We Dive into the Good Stuff

Once the boring stuff is out of the way, it's time to have fun. You'll send me whatever you want to work on and our collaboration begins!

Ready to turn the page?

Choose Your Own Adventure

Your draft is finished. You're presented with a list of my most common services. Which one will take you where you want to go?


What is developmental editing anyway?

This is the type of editing you want to complete before pulling in a copy editor or proofreader. Sometimes known as conceptual or substantive editing, developmental feedback addresses the “big picture” edits such as plot, continuity, pace, structure, character development, etc.


Following a thorough read through of your manuscript, I’ll provide you with detailed marginal notes, light in-line copy edits, and a letter summarizing my feedback to serve as a guide as you write your next draft.

Starting at $0.035 USD per word.
Rate increasing October 1, 2023. See page for details.

Ready to shape your next draft?

Open Book


While developmental editing is about getting your finished draft into shape, workshopping is about helping you become more confident and capable in your writing. For some, that means feeling out the first few chapters of a novel. For newer writers, it may mean getting help with the mechanics of storytelling. For others, it could be a check-in before spending the big bucks on editing.

If you’re looking to get feedback on smaller sections of your work or to hone in on specific issues you’re having, or if you’re not ready to spend the big bucks on editing just yet, this could be the service for you.

Starting at $85.00 USD per session.

Looking to improve your writing or your WIP?


For any creative, feedback can be difficult. Learning to give and receive constructive criticism is a skill in and of itself that one has to learn.


If you find the idea of one-on-one editing and workshopping overwhelming, you may be more comfortable in a group workshop, where you can engage with fellow writers and dip your toe into the feedback pond.

Want to meet more writers?

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You're a Writer, not a Marketer... Right?

To paraphrase Shania Twain: You’ve got the words but have you got the touch?  


Marketing touch points, that is. More and more often, publishers want to see how you are marketing yourself online before they even sign you. Defining and taking charge of your personal brand will allow you to control the narrative about who you are as an author, how your books are promoted, and how readers relate to you. 

Starting at $395.00 USD.

Ready for a (brand) makeover?

This service is retiring in 2023.


Why Do You Need a Good-Looking Website?


Imagine your book is about to be published and you've been sent a sneak peek at the cover design. It's plain white. The title is in black block letters at the top. Your name is at the bottom in that same font face you used to use on your term papers in college. Is it everything you always dreamed of? Probably not.


Your website is like the cover to your online presence. Let's make sure it's pulling in your readers.

Starting at $350.00 USD.

Is your site working for or against you?

This service is retiring in 2023.

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Ready to Make Some Changes?

You've Got Mail

Keep up with what's happening at In the Margins. Receive details about new services, upcoming workshops or writing groups, and last-minute availability in my schedule.

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