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Workshops & Writers' Groups

Improve your writing skills.
Find your creative community.

Group Workshops

  • An opportunity to get perceptions of your work from a group of fellow writers.

  • Receive extensive feedback and suggestions on a piece of your fiction.

  • In-depth discussions about the craft of writing and how it pertains to your work.

  • Multi-week commitment.

  • Offered 3-4 times per year.

  • Limited to 8 people.

Writers' Groups

  • A chance to network with fellow writers and find your creative community.

  • Occassional opportunities to read short excerpts of your work for support.

  • General, light discussions about the craft of writing.

  • No commitment.

  • Hosted most months.

  • Limited to 12 people.

You've Got Mail

Keep up with what's happening at In the Margins. Receive details about new services, upcoming workshops or writing groups, and last-minute availability in my schedule.

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