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One-On-One Workshopping

Not ready to go all-in on a developmental edit? One-on-one workshopping mixes critique, editing, suggestions on your writing technique, and other general feedback. It's perfect for those looking for a collaborative experience that will not only help polish sections of their work but also improve their skills as a writer. 

How It Works

Here's how I'll help you shape your work and improve as a writer:

  • I'll read through your short story, chapter/section (up to 5,000 words per session).

  • I'll provide light edits and marginal comments as I go, including suggestions, questions, and explanations about why an edit is correct or recommended (style and grammar facts, y'all!).

  • When appropriate, I'll include recommended reading or other resources to help you elevate your skills as a writer and to help you in future revisions.

  • Depending on which feedback style you choose, I'll either provide a short letter summarizing my impressions of your work or we'll meet to chat about my feedback and give you space for questions.

  • If you want to continue revising and getting feedback on a single piece or excerpt, or if you would like to work on multiple short pieces or issues, we can book multiple sessions (see bundle options).

Not sure you are ready for me to read your work just yet or looking for a more casual convo? Consider a virtual craft chat instead.

I provide one-on-one workshopping to a limited number of writers at one time to ensure my availability and attention as we work to transform their writing. If you'd like to work together one-on-one, don't wait too long to reach out!

Pick a Style

Structure our sessions in a way that works best for you.

Written-Feedback Only

$85.00 USD per session

  • Up to 5,000 words or one picture book.

  • Feedback delivered via marginal comments and short letter.

Virtual Feedback

$125.00 USD per session

  • Up to 5,000 words or one picture book.

  • Includes a 45-minute video call for feedback and questions.


Contact for Pricing

  • For requests greater than 5,000 words. 

  • Mix written feedback workshop sessions together or workshop a longer excerpt before meeting for a virtual feedback call.

Just a note...

I don’t recommend that we workshop more than 5,000 words of a single manuscript at a time. The idea is to identify issues and give space and energy toward revising and learning from that section. If you are looking to revise a larger piece, I suggest considering my developmental editing services or a workshop bundle that will allow for us to address multiple sections of your work across multiple sessions.

Bundle & Save

Have multiple short stories, manuscript sections, or other items that you would like to work on together? Want the opportunity to receive feedback, revise, and workshop the same piece again? Bundle your sessions and save.

Workshop Bundle

Save $5 USD off each session

Workshop Bundle

Save $10 USD off each session

Virtual Craft Chats

Not ready to workshop your story or chapter just yet? No worries, let's keep it casual. If you're just looking to ask questions about the craft of writing, problem-solve a scene, or bounce ideas around, I'm here to talk.


$45.00 USD


$85.00 USD


$125.00 USD

“[Writing’s] like driving a car at night: you never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.

E.L. Doctorow

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