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Take Advantage of Grants for Writers & Artists

There’s a hard truth when it comes to self-publishing: the cost falls on the shoulders of the writer, and—when publishing is done right—that cost can be high!

If you’re struggling with the costs associated with self-publishing, such as professional editing, cover design, formatting, etc., there may be ways to get help. Not everyone realizes that there are national and local grants available for the advancement of art, including literature.

Where Do You Look?

Research grants for the advancement of arts and culture. There are national foundations, including the National Endowment for the Humanities, that provide grant opportunities across the creative spectrum, and some are earmarked just for writers.

If you’re trying to find local resources and opportunities, look up art and culture organizations, commissions, or councils, as well as arts advancement programs. Grants can usually be found on their websites.

For example, if I do a search for my area, I find that my city has “City Arts Grants” available occasionally through the Arts Commission. New Hampshire offers Youth Arts Project Grants and grants to support artists/writers in the community and in building their careers.

Here are a few U.S.-based opportunities I want to highlight coming into 2024:

These sites provide longer lists of grants for you to peruse and pursue:


Start a conversation! What would you spend your grant money on?

Are you seeking the time to get your story onto the page? Help with editing and art costs?

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