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  • Kayleigh

Friday Tip: Own Your Writing Process

There’s a lot of advice out there telling writers what the process should look like: Get up early. Write X amount of words or hours per day. Write slow. Write fast. Throw out the first draft.

But what’s the "right" way? YOUR way.

I responded to a post on another social platform this week from a writer who joined a creative writing course. The instructor hadn’t even read their writing before telling them their process was wrong. The writer was bruised and doubting themselves.

In truth, they had a poor instructor who was projecting their own process (or perhaps even jealousy) onto someone else, something they had no right to do.

Famous writers do it, too, in their books of advice. They often say, "Here's how it's done" instead of "Here's how I do it."

I will *always* advocate for reading about and understanding the processes of other authors as you may experiment and find something works for you (this is how I discovered setting a timer works for me). However, for any of us to believe we've found the one true way to write in a world of different beliefs, preferences, ways of thinking, etc. is nonsense.

We are as unique are our stories. Never let yourself believe that their way is right and yours is wrong.

It's YOUR right way. 💜

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