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  • Kayleigh

Friday Tip: Freelancers, Know Your Worth

This one is for the freelancers.

Whether you’re a freelance writer, editor, illustrator, designer, etc. you have to know your own worth and the value of your expertise and skill.

So, why do we lowball ourselves?

1. Doubt in our ability.

For those starting out, imposter syndrome can be costly. Doubts over one’s ability, knowledge, expertise, quality, etc. can lead to lowballing quotes rather than knowing and being comfortable in our worth. Companies and people may take advantage of that.

2. We don’t have much experience.

Thus the doubt. We all start somewhere. If you’re uncertain about your abilities, take courses or certificate programs, join webinars, or offer your help in exchange for critiques of your work, etc.

3. We’re not factoring in other costs.

This is a big one. New freelancers may not remember to consider to hold ~30% toward taxes, PLUS program/equipment costs, insurances, and non-billable hours (admin, financial, marketing, intro calls, etc.).

When you’re freelancing, these are things YOU’RE paying for. Your pay is no longer just about your expertise, so your hourly rate is going to be higher than when you were working for a company that covered those costs.

So, what’s the point?

Stop underselling yourselves.

That’s it.

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