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Developmental Editing vs. 1:1 Workshopping: Which is Right for You?

Not sure which of my services is right for your story?

This is a question I get often when someone first reaches out, and the answer comes down to your goal for your work. Are you looking:

✨ to revise and polish your completed novel-length manuscript;

✨ for feedback on a short piece of work (picture book, short story, essay); or

✨ to target and improve a specific issue in your writing?

Developmental Editing

is a slow, detailed deep dive into the big picture issues of your completed manuscript, with the intent to prepare and polish it for querying or self-publication.

Feedback includes a detailed report (10+ pages) outlining big picture issues to address in your next revision, as well as marginalia with questions, feedback, and light line or copy edits to help you get started.

This type of service takes several weeks to complete and—although any feedback should benefit your overall writing career—is considered a heavy, upfront investment in the success of a specific manuscript.

One-on-One Workshopping

is built to accommodate shorter works (picture books, short stories, essays) or an excerpt of a longer work (chapter or section), and can address multiple goals:

Goal A: For complete short works, such as a picture book, short story, or creative essay, 1:1 workshopping can provide a mix of general impressions, developmental feedback, and light line/copy edits as you prepare to query or publish.

Goal B: Using complete short works or a manuscript excerpt, 1:1 workshopping may be used as a way to boost your writing and revision skills with resources and feedback targeted to your needs.

Unlike a developmental edit, workshopping provides more flexibility in terms of how you invest your time and money as you seek to improve your skills as a writer and revise your work.

I combine my knowledge as a writer and editor with my experience teaching university-level courses in helping writers to grow, providing useful resources and encouragement.

So which one do you need?

In short, which service is best for you and your work will come down to what your goals are for our time working together and what you can invest in yourself and in your writing.

Want to talk it out? Reach out.

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