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Group Workshops

Some people believe in creative osmosis—that being around fellow creatives will help kickstart your own creative energy. So, let's do this. Together.

Group writing workshops benefit both the writer whose work is being discussed as well as those discussing it.


As the writer, we are given an opportunity to listen to how our work is being perceived by a range of readers and to consider the many ways to move forward during the revision stage.


As a reader, in offering a thoughtful analysis of another’s story we develop an eye and ear for what works within a piece, and what does not. This heightened consciousness in turn affects our own writing.

Upcoming Workshops

5-Week Fiction Workshop
This workshop is full. Add yourself to the waiting list.

Tuesdays, March 7 through April 4
7:00-9:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time

This five-week workshop is for fiction writers at all levels.


Sessions will begin with a brief craft chat or writing sprint, followed by two 45-minute workshop rounds.


Each participant will receive substantial feedback on a 2,500-word (roughly 10 pages) piece of writing. This includes written feedback as well as a lively discussion about the work. You'll also receive written feedback and insights from Kayleigh, the owner and editor behind In the Margins.

This workshop is limited to 8 people.

$220 USD per person.

Hosted via Google Meet.

Common Questions About Workshops

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