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Editing Style

A creative collaboration needs to be built on trust, understanding, and communication. Check out my interests and how I work to get a sense of whether or not I'm the right person to help you with your work.

Get to Know Me

I love to be pulled out of my own world and experience into someone else's. I'm motivated by and most enjoy working with powerful storytelling full of heart and magic that pulls on the imagination.

You need an editor...

...whose interests and skillset complement the genre and content of your work. I choose to collaborate with those whose writing aligns with my interests and expertise, so I can provide you with the best feedback to meet your goals.

Most of my favorite genres to work with fall under speculative fiction:

✓ Low and high fantasy

✓ Soft, dystopian sci-fi, or parallel worlds

✓ Folklore and mythology retellings

I also consider coming of age, adventure, romcom, memoir, travel writing, mystery, and horror (for middle grade only), and picture books on a case-by-case basis.

In case you're wondering, I avoid:

✗ High romance

✗ Erotica

✗ Horror (above middle grade)

✗ Excessive violence or gore

✗ Most nonfiction

How I Work with Writers

I am what folks sometimes call a generalist. I was born curious and enjoy learning new skills and insights. You’ll find that I take the same approach in my editing and workshopping: I allow the curious side of me to take over and ask questions that may reveal areas that can be expanded, cut, or further developed.

I believe in a collaborative creative experience with a simple goal: to make your story shine.

I'm honest and detailed in my feedback: if I feel something isn’t working, doesn’t make sense, or isn’t serving the greater story, I'll say so. But I'll also provide you with suggestions (and, when appropriate, examples) on how to approach revision and improve the piece.

That said, I know there's not always a right answer when it comes to editing. (Don’t believe me? Check out all of the different editing style guides in the world!) This means I never expect all of my feedback to be incorporated into a revised manuscript. I trust writers to know what suggestions will or will not best serve their story. This is why collaboration and communication are so important.

I could be your perfect sidekick if:

✓ You write in one of my preferred genres.

✓ You're seeking honest, detailed feedback.

✓ You would benefit from a coach-like communication style.

✓ You're ready to face significant revisions and do the hard work.

This could be a bad match if:

✗ Your story falls into a genre I don't work with.

✗ You want positive feedback with none of the constructive criticism.


✗ You prefer saving money over receiving quality feedback.

✗ You're looking for a copy editor or proofreader.

Getting Feedback Can Be Difficult

Remember: You’re coming to me because you’ve dedicated time and energy to creating something that, hopefully, you love and want to share with others. I understand that receiving feedback, even feedback that you’ve asked for, can be difficult. I ask my clients to sit with and be open to feedback I provide, as it is always well-intended and constructive in nature.

Start your next draft today.

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